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Nina - Owner, Mental Health Specialist/LPC,    Instructor
Meet Nina! Nina is the mental health provider at Hillview Farm. Nina runs the groups and individual sessions, at times with the Equine Specialist. Nina also teaches horse yoga, provides clinics, and is available for speaking engagements/presentations. 
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PaQuita - Instructor
Meet PaQuita! PaQuita teaches Vinyasa flow Yoga with Horses at Hillview Farm and has her own Counseling/Yoga business: The Ubuntu Way. 
Julie-Equine Specialist
Meet Julie! Julie is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist! Julie assists with Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions and Groups at Hillview Farm.
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Haley - Equine Specialist
Meet Haley, our Equine Specialist assisting with EAGALA sessions and groups at Hillview Farm. Haley also helps with clinics at times and has been around horses most of her life.
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