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PaQuita's Story

Meet PaQuita! PaQuita teaches Vinyasa flow Yoga with Horses on Saturday mornings, a One Love Yoga and Neighmaste at Hillview Farm collaboration. PaQuita’s yoga practice began with an at home practice 30-day yoga challenge. Her personal practice quickly transformed from a physical activity to an act of self love! After a few months of personal practice, she made the decision to become a registered yoga teacher and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training with Raquel Bueno at Liberation Yoga in Nashville. She loves to teach Vinyasa classes that are authentic, supportive and conducive to a meaningful human experience. She teaches to breathe and encourages her students to find freedom in their body, mind and soul. She also incorporates trauma informed sequencing which is heavily influenced by her role as a mental health counselor.

Her love for horses started at a very young age when she chose horseback riding as her week long activity at summer camp! She finds peace and a sense of grounding in the presence of horses. Yoga with Horses is a combined passion that keeps her balanced and in light!

Check out her website:

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