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Equestrian Impact Awards 13 May, 2024

Hillview Farm South

Mid South Horse Review

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Providing a peaceful place for people to connect with nature, the intuitive healing power of horses, and themselves: both mentally and physically

Hillview Farm South serves the Middle Tennessee and College Grove Area. Founded in 2018, Angelina (Nina) Wallace began to offer an assortment of services including: equine- assisted psychotherapy, equine- assisted learning, equine- assisted EMDR, and equine yoga as well as experiential therapy with other therapeutic modalities woven in. 

“Horses help every step of the way, not only helping people to regulate emotions but also to connect with themselves and recognize emotions. They help keep us grounded, they always know when someone is dissociated. They’ve learned how to tell me things about what’s going on with each client or group, and they always seem to know what people need. Horses always know immediately if someone needs to create more boundaries in their lives. They’re the best coworkers I’ve ever had,” Nina stated when discussing how horses enhance overall health and wellness in patients.

Nina has been a horse woman her entire life. The day after her very first horse show her father suffered a heart attack and passed away two days later. The shock and trauma from that event caused Nina to shut down. The only being she could “talk” to was her Shetland pony, Bucky. It was from that experience in Nina’s own personal life that she recognized the power horses had to heal. It helped marry her love of horses with her passion for counseling.

“When people tell me how much it (Equine-Assisted Therapy) has helped them or how it has changed their lives for the better it always makes me teary-eyed.” Nina continued, “horses have always saved me, and I love being able to facilitate these interactions for my clients.” 

To learn more about Hillview Farm South visit:  

Founder, Therapist:Angelina V Wallace, LPC-MHSP

Serving:Middle Tennessee/ College Grove Area


Therapies:LPC-MHSP, EMDR, NCC, EAGALA Trained


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