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Cardiac Coherence is the Source of our Inner Power. It is physical and emotional harmony. When we are in coherence our nervous system and our others systems work harmoniously.

It has been found that our heart has a network of neurons (40,000) that work autonomously, much like a small brain. These neurons send signals directly to our brain. Despite its size, the electromagnetic field generated by this neurons system ranges from 90 centimetres to 2 metres, while the electromagnetic field generated by the brain itself oscillates between 3 centimetres and 2’5 metres. When we achieve Cardiac Coherence through meditation, or another technique, the electromagnetic field of the heart expands. When we reach such sensation of fullness we feel at peace and the electromagnetic field of the heart extends up to 4 meters.

The signals that the heart sends to the brain regulate our emotions. The heart has neurons with long and short-term memory. The signals these neurons send to the brain affect our emotional experiences. The electromagnetic field that the heart emits can also change, depending on the emotions we experience.

The heart sends much more information to the brain than the brain to the heart. In fact, 80% of the communication goes from the heart to the brain and only 20% the other way around. The heart generates 60 times more energy than the brain and the amplitude of its waves is 5,000 times bigger.

By being aware of this information we can see the relevance and importance of our emotions in our own life experience. “The heart is right”.

Feeling or remembering negative emotions unbalances our nervous system. When we feel negative emotions the heart sends signals to the brain, which in turn sends signals to the hormonal system. Some chemicals such as cortisol are released to the blood and can be harmful to our health if produced in excess. In this situation, our Heart Rate Variability is disordered and Incoherent.

An Incoherent Heart Rate Variability blocks cognitive functions such as attention, memory, perception and problem solving. In a state of incoherence we are more likely to suffer stress, anxiety, apathy, depression, etc.

On the other hand, positive emotions generate physiological and psychological benefits. On the physiological level, evoking positive emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, compassion, etc., stimulates the immune system. Our health increases and we feel lighter. On the psychological level, positive emotions allow the brain to be more creative and to find efficient solutions to real problems. When we feel positive emotions the Heart Rate Variability generates Coherent waves that balance all the body systems. The ability to think clearly, to learn, to remember, to reason and to make right decisions is significantly increased. Then we find ourselves in Cardiac Coherence.

Talking about Cardiac Coherence is talking about efficiency. When we are in coherence, the nervous, cardiovascular, hormonal and immune systems work harmoniously and efficiently.

What are the benefits of being in Cardiac Coherence?

Generally speaking, Cardiac Coherence increases our resilience —the ability to overcome hard situations by returning to our “normal” state— and sharpens our intuition.

In addition, Cardiac Coherence reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens the immune system, improves quality of sleep and raises our energy levels. It also improves attention and concentration and increases our learning ability and problem solving skills.

Developing heart intelligence connects us deeper to ourselves and to others, having a great positive impact on our relationships. We trust our intuition more. Our self-confidence increases, as well as we relay more in others. Consequently, communication is free-flowing. We are not alone in experiencing this state; people we interact with can feel it too. Electromagnetic fields also affect those around us. Check out this video of the HeartMath Institute.

How can Horses contribute to the our Cardiac Coherence?

Horses have a heart’s electromagnetic field which is five times more powerful than ours, extending up to nine metres.

As mentioned above, our electromagnetic field affects people around us just as other people’s electromagnetic fields affect us. If we are surrounded by a herd of horses in coherence, the effect over us can be overwhelming.

The HeartMath Institute conducted a study with horses, in California, which scientifically proved the effects these animals can have on people.

Due to the laws of electromagnetic fields, when there is a predominant feeling on the field, the field orders itself. A disordered electromagnetic field wastes a lot of energy and is not efficient. When there is an intense electromagnetic field next to a milder field, the weeker one is attracted by the intense one and gets in tune with it. Likewise, when coherent fields are put together, they generate a larger and more powerful coherent field.

When horses live in freedom, as horses, they are in an almost permanent state of coherence. This happens when they are not under the stress of being locked in a stable for 22 hours a day —the equivalent would be to lock a person in a toilet.

A herd of horses in coherence generates a large and very powerful electromagnetic field. When we are around such a herd, the influence of the large field on us is almost immediate. Our electromagnetic field gets in tune with the larger one. We are attracted by the herd’s electromagnetic field and our field is regulated under its influence —we get in harmony with ourselves, we are in coherence.


Many people feel such a deep sensation they cannot hold back their tears. In general, they feel confused. However, this deep feeling is a releasing of hidden emotions —emotions that were generating a disordered and incoherent electromagnetic field.

Because of the very nature of the horses, they have the power to connect us with ourselves within a space of coherence. In this space, we release negative emotions, our intuition sharpens and we can experience and see things clearly.

Living this experience helps us to know ourselves better, which increases our self-confidence and we can find the necessary courage to make the appropriate changes in our habits and routines. In consequence, we experience a more enduring state of coherence in our lives.

An excellent way of living this kind of experience is through a  Retreat with Horses. We have already discussed the benefits of being around a herd, in freedom in a state of coherence. Furthermore, there are so many others benefits if we go on a retreat with horses…

  • Being all surrounded by nature. The effects of nature on our physical and mental health are well known. It relieves stress, strengthens the immune system, improves vision, boosts creativity, improves short-term memory, etc.

  • Isolation from the rest of the world and its hustle and bustle. Being isolated for a few days causes a quarantine” effect that helps us let go of our everyday worries and to focus on ourselves. It fosters detachment, allowing our mind to relax and make room for creative thinking, helping us to solve our worries later.

  • Personal development. Besides having experiences with the horses, you will continue with personal development work throughout the day.

You can check out what a Horse Retreat experience can offer to you here: Retreat with Horses Easter 2019.

“When you let your heart guide your body and mind, wonderful things happen”


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