The Story of Neighmaste at Hillview Farm

Story from the perspective of Owner, Nina Wallace.

I have been practicing Yoga for almost 20 years now. Yoga has always been an incredibly calming and grounding experience for me, as well as a great physical workout. Yoga meets you where you are mentally, physically, and spiritually. Yoga is an ancient practice and so much more than a trendy workout fad. Yoga practice can teach us so much about being present, living in the moment, being still, being mindful. A friend of mine who has horses and also practices yoga, Ashley Smiley Gatlin, helped me to create the idea of doing yoga with horses. I love doing yoga outdoors with my horses grazing nearby, but not everyone has that opportunity. I wanted to create a space where people could focus on physical fitness/yoga practice and mindfulness in a peaceful, natural, outdoor environment near horses. Practicing yoga with horses is a beautiful and magical experience. Everyone who participates will have their chance to interact with the horses and take photos at the end of class. I am currently working towards becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor.

PaQuita Pullen with One Love Yoga Nashville, a fellow mental health professional as well as yoga instructor, helped the dream of yoga with horses come to life and lead the first few Vinyasa flows with horses at Hillview.