T'Lark's Story

T'Lark teaches our Vinyasa Power Flow/Primal Strength/Yin Restorative classes with Neighmaste: Yoga with Horses at Hillview Farm! 

A note from T'Lark: "I'm a Yogi with the soul of a wolf and together we will howl to the moon and stars and create a space that is all ours! Yoga..."To Yoke"... It is the unity of the mind, body and spirit, a constant pursuit with a personal journey. Yoga is creating a safe space to bring souls together to practice surrounded by a tribe filled with support and love. Yoga has truly saved my life. It is an ever evolving journey, however, it remains consistent in that it continues to change my life in massive ways every time I practice--even if just the smallest adjustment in breath, thought or posture. While yoga is a personal journey, it is also shared and I LOVE TEACHING and introducing others to yoga and helping them along their journey. I want to share with as many souls as I can the amazing ways in which yoga can transform a life and help shape a new way of looking at health: mentally, physically and even in some cases spiritually. I always remind my students to take notice of the moment and to find the beauty that surrounds us in that moment, or to take note of a painful moment and realize that it's just the now, our future is ever evolving. We must learn to focus a little less intently on the destination and to really try to live and love in the present, for this moment is all we have right now! I have been able to share my teaching with a few different fitness companies throughout Nashville, such as Hotbox Fitness, City Fit Concierge, and CLIMB Nashville. Through my teaching I have gained such an awesome tribe and community.

When it comes to horses, I've always loved horses, the love for animals runs through my blood. My mom grew up with horses and she had me around horses and riding at a very young age. I've found my true love is riding bareback, I feel more connected to the incredible animal holding me. I'm so excited to be a part of something that combines two of my passions and what will absolutely without a doubt be a blessing to so many!"

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