Julie's Story

Julie is an EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist who assists with Equine Assisted Therapy Sessions and Groups!

Julie has been riding and working with horses for decades.   A strong believer that horses and animals can read what humans are truly feeling on the inside, she got her EAGALA Equine Specialist certification in order to help heal people through the spirit of the animal. Julie is also working toward her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at MTSU in order to help people find their way through challenges like trauma, depression, anxiety, marriage issues, ADHD, and PTSD or even just to get a mental health tune-up.  As someone who has had some of these issues in her own past that have been solved through therapy, Julie’s mission is to help those struggling to see their power to heal lies within.  She wants anyone reading to know that there is an answer and that at Hillview Farm South, we will help you find it.